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Welcome to EonBookings

MusicPosted by Laurent Maghuin Tue, October 23, 2012 17:49:06
Hi everyone!

First and foremost, a very warm welcome to our bookings agency: EonBookings !

EonBookings is an agency that only welcomes great artists and high potentials! We believe that every artist in our agency has a great potential. This is why we want to help these artists to develop their career.

EonBookings came to see the light by having a lot of contact with these artists and after a lot of talks. This is why we see this agency as not only just another agency, but also a family that takes care of each other!

If we look at how a lot of agency's work, we disapprove their methods. An artist is an artist because of his talent and his "je-ne-sais-quoi" and not because he's a slave of an agency or a management that exploits him to his fullest.

At this moment we have a lot of great artists that signed already: Danny Corten (also known as Paris Avenue), Stefan K, Carlo Astuti, Michael Fall and Spix!

Some are already well known, some a bit less. But if we can help it, we'll make them experience the top of their own goals!

Let me introduce our artists somewhat.

Danny Corten:

Danny Corten has been known to the world as "Paris Avenue" for some time now with his great hits like "In my mind" and "I want You". He also released "Meet me at the Loveparade" as Danny Corten. After a break, he wants to hit the decks again with the right support! We believe in Danny Corten, because we believe that he can reach the very big top if he puts his mind to it!



Stefan K:

Stefan K is the first of our High Potentials! He has created his own career and made a good living of it too! He made it to some of the greatest clubs in the world this year: Ministry of Sound, Fuse, Pacha - Sharm el Sheikh, ... We believe he can do much more then just that and that Ibiza is just a step away!


Carlo Astuti:

Carlo Astuti is an artist with glamour and style like no other. He was born in Italy and moved to Hollywood to make a career as an artist. The American Dream came true for him: he succeeded like no other! He's a regular at Supperclub, did a summer residency at the Hard Rock Hotel in Las Vegas and he wants to conquer the world next! Europe is his goal and we'll try to give him the world!


Michael Fall:

Michael Fall can make people dance to commercials! How many artists can say that? "La Bonita" was a song made for the cocktail company: La Bonita. It eventually became a big hit and after some time even Fatman Scoop put on a vocal on it! His goal? That he may continue to play for an audience that can appreciate him! We'll give him that and more!



Melvin Spix is the second High Potential we signed up! Although he has not played in clubs like Pacha, but isn't that just a matter of time when your records are supported by icons like Tiƫsto, Roger Sanchez,... ? Let's see where this mastermind is evolving to this time, we know we'll support him!!


We have some other great artists coming up so check out our blog next time!

Again a great welcome to our agency and we hope that our artists may lighten up your days, everyday again!

Laurent Maghuin


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